RACE ROUTE -  GPS route will be added in due course  

The 2018 route will run from Nottingham Road to Himeville

Unlike most race routes now days, this route is aimed at making a very long ride non technical. The difficulty of this race lies in the distance, not the terrain.

A large portion of the race takes place on district road, and when you are trying to crush 100 kilometres, that’s a good thing. It allows you to have a higher average speed and that means a faster finishing time. There will be no single track on the route.

Make no mistake though, there are some tough climbs getting out of some of the big river valleys, the Umko Valley not being the least of them, but the reward of riding through the beautiful foothills of the Southern Drakensberg more than makes up for this, with some of the best race scenery around.

Four water tables along the way will keep you fueled and charging all the way to the finish = (exact distances TBC) 25kms, 50kms, 75km and 90kms

Water Table 1 - 35kms

Water Table 2 - 56kms @ Snowtop (just before the lekker 14kms descent!)

Water Table 3 - 75kms @ Highland Nook (as you come out of the Lotheni Valley)

Water Table 4 - 90kms

Cut off at 12:00 at Water table 2 (56kms)

We do ask for all seconders to NOT use the route so it should not be too dusty and busy.

Some stats for the route - 2018

Elevation Gain- 2139m

Elevation Loss- 2034m