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The Wild Bike Foundation

Katie, the organiser of The Berg 100, along with her husband Devlin, have launched a Non-Profit Company called the Wild Bike Foundation.

Wild Bike is the intersection of their two passions, bicycles and the wilderness.

"It all happened whilst touring East Africa, where we witnessed first hand the challenges faced by conservationists, and how e-bikes could have a positive impact on their efforts. Combining our passion for bicycles and the wilderness, we are putting our years of experience and passion to use to support the conservation of wild places.", says Devlin.

By donating e-bikes to game reserves, and helping maintain the bikes periodically, Wild Bike is able to triple patrol distances, compared to a foot patrol. This has a huge impact on the amount of poaching in reserves, which has a direct knock on to the protection of animals, specifically endangered species.

Reserves are also able to replace vehicle based tasks with e-bikes, creating a meaningful reduction in fuel spend.

Please join the Berg 100 in supporting the Wild Bike Foundation by making a donation on the PAY page of this site.

You can learn more about Wild Bike on their website, 

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